I am excited to announce the debut of my own products which are available to purchase at Shop Tiffany Wong Design! Launching my own collection has been a work in progress. There were many changes in design, removal of designs and rejected samples involved. The long process of choosing the right products was hard but necessary. I knew that when it was time for me to present my own collection, I wanted it to be something that I was super passionate about and something that was just pure fun for all. Something I am always passionate about is, of course, food! I think many can agree with that. Here, I introduce to you my Foodie collection!

It was important for me to design patterns that would work well on home and gift products – items I most enjoy designing for. Being able to use them on kids products was also a bonus! I also knew that I didn’t want this to be a limited design. Look forward to me adding new Foodies designs to this collection as we go along! Enjoy my first new patterns in my Ramen, Brunch, Tacos, Boba Bubble Tea, and Dim Sum Designs! Let me begin with a sampling of a few types of items first.


I don’t know about you, but I am a mug-lover. I currently only use mugs for drinking (hot and cold drinks) and each mug is different and hand-picked by me or given to me as a gift. Give your foodie-lover friend one or add one to your own collection! SHOP MUGS now!

Tea Towels
Food belongs in the kitchen, wouldn’t you agree? My tea towels are printed in a larger scale for more fun! They also make a great gift for someone who prefers a change to the traditional stripes or plaid. SHOP TEA TOWELS now!

Note Cards
It’s easy to send an email or text message, but it’s more special to receive a note in the mail. Brighten up someone’s day with a Foodie note card. Packs come in quantities of five card and envelopes and can be used for any occasion. SHOP NOTE CARDS now!

For the Moms who want to share the joy of food with their babies – these bibs are for you! Our bibs are lined with terrycloth to help with that extra mess. Pick one or pick all! SHOP BIBS now!

Happy shopping, Friends!