Hi Friends! I am excited to share with you my new Minted Store that I have been anxiously waiting to launch! My store features fabrics, tabletop items, curtains, lampshades and pillows.


Minted is an amazing online marketplace for awesome independent artists and designers. Items sold are chosen through artist challenges and winning picks are sold online. There is such a huge community of artists and designers and it is really an honour to be amongst them.


Tiffany Wong designs always have a focus on classic and simplicity in modern and soft palettes and of course, I wanted to maintain this with my Minted store. And, I always try my best to consider the versatility in my patterns. I need to envision my designs on a variety of products. As a result, I feel that all my products would fit perfectly in any living room, kitchen, and even child’s room.


One of my winning designs is my Bohemian Stripes design above and I built more collections to comlement this pattern and feel. This series of collections are meant to brighten up a room without taking the spotlight. Keeping true to the Tiffany Wong style, I played with simple shapes to create that fun aesthetic. That’s really the whole point here – keeping things light, fun and friendly. Shown here is my Bohemian Pom and Wave designs which is also offered in several different colourways. In my head, I can easily picture these items in a cottage, sunroom or baby’s room and are so fitting if you’re planning to freshen up your home for the summer season. Check out more from the Bohemian mix by clicking on any photo.


Other feature collections include my Pretty Paisley and Perfect Paisley patterns. Obviously, inspired by the classic paisley pattern, I wanted to find a way to throw in my signature style to this mix. I have always loved the intricate and ornate details of paisley and without trying to take away from this, I wanted use my shapes and simplicity to create a slightly different version. I hope that others will like it too. The table top items would be a wonderful feature to any brunch setting and the curtains and lampshades would be a doll in any bedroom. Don’t be a stranger now – make a visit to my Minted Store here and let me know what you think 🙂